Small Group Exercise Best for Body and Mind

We all know that exercise is great for our physical health.

It can lower the risk of many chronic diseases, including heart disease, diabetes, obesity, osteoporosis and even some cancers.

Exercise doesn’t just do our body good, it also impacts our mind.

When we exercise, we release endorphins (happy hormones). This happiness effect doesn’t just occur immediately after we’ve worked out, if you exercise regularly, your body puts itself into a ongoing state of calm.

We should all be doing more exercise right now. But, with no official date being given for the re-opening of indoor gyms and swimming pools, how are we meant to return to our usual exercise routine?

As a solution, at the beginning of lockdown, many started to do online exercise classes. Although this was a practical way to try and stay fit, it can a challenge to remain motived for months on end. Furthermore, it can be difficult to see results if no one is encouraging you to push yourself, or making sure you’re doing it right.

What’s the answer?

A recent study showed that there are real benefits from exercising in small social groups with a dedicated trainer. These ‘group exercisers’ reported significantly lower stress levels and increased physical, mental, and emotional quality of life.

It certainly seems to pay to have a real instructor dedicated to targeting your workouts to get the most out of your time and effort. If you couple this with personalised nutrition advice, you’re certain to see the quickest results.

So where can we find such a trainer?

Marisa Gifford is a personal trainer and nutrition advisor based in Tunbridge Wells, Kent. 

She found an enthusiasm for exercise and nutrition over 6 years ago, when she rediscovered her love of rock climbing. This passion soon turned into an obsession where she learned how to fuel her body, increase her fitness and flexibility, and lead a more natural and healthful lifestyle.

Now she enjoys helping others do the same.


Marisa can cater to everyone’s individual needs.

Even if you’ve never exercised before, are returning to exercise after a long break, or recovering from an injury.

‘My passion is helping people define their health and fitness goals, guiding them through their journey to a healthier lifestyle – whether this is for general health reasons, to maintain a healthy weight or just to feel better, I believe everyone deserves to feel good about themselves!’ Says Marisa.

She is offering a £180 6-week Personal Training & Nutrition Package 

This package includes:

  1. Weekly one-to-one personal training sessions with a bespoke programme based on your individual needs (outdoor sessions in person or via zoom).
  2. FREE access to all other group sessions on zoom for the duration for the 6 weeks.
  3. A healthy eating consultation with a weekly nutrition check-in.

Please find contact details on her website –

Testimonial from a happy client:

“Marisa has been running some great classes which have got me engaged in looking at my personal health fitness properly. I started classes before and have continued during the lockdown over Zoom. For years I have hated exercise and avoided the gym at all costs. Small class sizes and a varied weekly programme have been great, and Marisa works on all areas of the body; strength, flexibility and cardio. I would recommend contacting Marisa for those who need a personal trainer and for those like me, who just don’t know where to start!” – Cheryl L

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