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5 Reasons to Help Your Child Quit Sugar

…with 5 easy ways to make it happen. Sugar consumption is now 10 greater than 100 years ago, and our kids health is suffering! Tooth decay and obesity are only part of the problem. Here’s our solution…

Eat the Right Fat and Get Thin

One of the most controversial foods in the world of health are vegetables oils. We’ve been led to believe, over the past 40 years, that vegetable oils are far more beneficial for you than the likes of artery clogging butter and cream. But did you know that there is actually no science to back this […]

7 Ways We Can All Help End This Pandemic

And it’s not just about staying and home and washing your hands. Over the past 11 months, my husband Alex, an Infectious Disease Doctor in Oxford UK, has been working on the frontline and involved in the ongoing research for the vaccine. Read our Diary of a Doctor here. As a Nutritional Therapist, caring for […]

Have You Been Fooled by The Dairy Industry?

Here in the UK as well as many other Western countries, a glass of milk is considered healthy, wholesome, and necessary for bone health. Adverts have portrayed gorgeous models sporting a white milk moustache. Petit Filous depict beautiful French children winning at ‘marbles’ as fromage frais gives them ‘strong bones’. Even Cadbury’s Dairy Milk touted […]

5 Easy Ways to Better Gut Health

Our digestive tract (gut) is home to a wide range of tiny living microbes. In fact, there are over 500 species living there, made up from bacteria, virus, fungi and other such organisms. Imagine a vibrant lake with an abundance of different species cohabitating in harmony and functioning in synergy with each other and their […]

Banish the Beige Food Diet (please)

Even though we’re told to eat a rainbow, in my role as a Nutritional Therapist, I often see babies, toddlers and children on a beige food diet suffering with many different and often easily reversible health conditions. The beige food diet tends to look like this: Breakfast – toast or cerealSnack – crackers, breadsticks, blueberriesLunch […]

One Big Mistake Most Parents (unwittingly) Make Every Day

We all know the importance of a child eating breakfast. Studies show that children who eat breakfast do better at school. They concentrate for longer, do better in tests, have fewer behavioural problems, not to mention more energy. But how many children are actually getting a good one? For decades now we have been told […]

Tackling Obesity – A Shared Responsibility

Obesity is all over the news at the moment as it is the biggest risk factor for serious complications with Covid-19. Obesity is also a subject close to my heart because, at age 11, I was diagnosed as clinically obese. Here I’d like to offer my solution to our current obesity epidemic.

Small Group Exercise Best for Body and Mind

The rise of the personal trainer. A recent study showed real benefits from exercising in small social groups with a dedicated trainer. These exercisers had lower stress, increased physical and emotional wellbeing. PT Marisa gives readers a great offer…

Is an RDA enough?

There’s a common misconception that RDA’s are the perfect amount of vitamins and minerals you need to achieve optimum wellbeing. However, this is not what there were designed for. Read more…

The Five Ways to Wellbeing

The Five Ways to Wellbeing. With #mentalhealthawarenessweek fresh in our minds, here’s some reflections and tips for wellbeing from a dad parenting his two kids in lockdown.

Seven Tips for Boosting Your Immune System

Charlotte Pulver is a natural healthcare expert and founder of the Frontline Immune Support for NHS staff, like my husband Alex, and the blog’s GP Dr. Luke. Here she gives 7 important tips for boosting your immune system during a pandemic and beyond.

Protect the Family – Part 2

As I wrote in part 1 – with lockdown easing in the coming weeks, we’re all opening our doors to an increased risk of infection. Having an Infectious Disease doctor working on the front line in the house means we are six times more likely to catch coronavirus. As a result, we’ve been thinking a lot about how to protect ourselves.

Protect the Family

As we slowly ease out of lockdown in the coming weeks, we’re opening our door to more virus and more risk. As a Nutritional Therapist married to an Infectious Disease doctor, many of you have asked what we will be doing to protect our family….

Helping Vulnerable Children Cope with Lockdown

We are ALL adjusting to a “new normal” which is stressful and tiring. This is magnified when we are not only doing this for ourselves, but also caring for others. But what happens we have a child that already finds their normal difficult to manage? Dr. Lydia Stone offers valuable insight…

Life as a Lockdown GP

Reflections from a GP working through lockdown. Change is likely to be long term. We will never go back to how things were. Where have all the sick patients gone? Dr Luke offers his perspective.

Processing Grief in a Pandemic

Yesterday the BBC reported the sad news that more than 20,000 people have now died with coronavirus in UK hospitals. Here Sophie writes a poignant piece on processing grief in a pandemic.

5 Surprising Benefits of Lockdown

This pandemic has turned our lives upside down and although we hope to return to some version of normality later in the year, it is quite possible, even probably, that nothing will ever be the same again. Whilst this thought may horrify many. If we take a step back and really look at our existence right now, there will by some surprising ways lockdown has changed our lives…for the better…

Fish on Good ‘mood’ Friday

As a Nutritional Therapist, I believe that fish is an important part of the human diet. I know there’s a wave of veganism sweeping the Western World right now, and I’m certainly not against us eating more plants. However, fish has many health benefits that we need right now….

11 Easy Ways to Increase Your Vitamins Without Taking a Supplement

11 easy ways to increase your vitamins without taking a supplement. During this challenging time, it’s more important than every that we make the most of the food we eat. By following these simple steps you can maximise the amount of vitamins and minerals in your meals and help support your family’s health.

Do Children Need Vitamins?

There’s an ongoing debate about whether we need vitamins or not. As a Nutritional Therapist, I’ve always believed that a healthy diet could be enough. If you’re eating well, there’s no need to take a supplement. Before I had children I always made sure I was eating more than 5 portions of fruit and vegetables […]

Sunshine for the Immune System

Vitamin D, which we get from sunshine, plays an essential role in our immune system. Whilst in quarantine it’s important we try and get some sun, especially as Spring has finally arrived. Here’s how…

Is it Safe to Cuddle Our Children?

Alex came home from work at the hospital on Friday night feeling achy and clammy. Our immediate worry was that he’d caught coronavirus. Deep down we knew it would be inevitable at some stage. He surely couldn’t go three months working directly with covid-19 patients every single day without catching it himself, could he? Even […]

Coping with Isolation Meltdown

Our son was in a bad mood this morning. He stomped around and wrecked the front room throwing everything around until it was a complete tip. We sent him into the garden to get some fresh air, but he started digging up the plants and switching on the hose. I was getting mad, telling him […]

Worried About Too Much TV?

We’re all going to be giving ourselves a little guilt trip over the amount of TV our children may watch over the coming weeks. Especially if you’re trying to get some work done. So, I just want to give you all a break and summarise some of the positive research on telly watching.

How to Explain Coronavirus to a Pre-schooler

I cried in the middle of Tesco’s today. I’d just popped in for some essential items with my ‘only just’ four-year-old in tow. It happened to be approaching vulnerable people shopping hour, which is 9-10am on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. I’d completely forgotten until I was halfway round the shop. I’d been in my own […]

Support For New Mums

Babies are still being born in this uncertain time. I remember those first stressful weeks after my daughter was born nearly ten years ago now. I remember how I relied on my mum, who stayed for the first 5 days to help. How my friends dropped round to meet baby, bring comfort food and offer […]

Fresh Air as a Disinfectant

You may have remember seeing the crazy footage of Siberian nursery school children running around outside in their underwear, pouring icy buckets of water over themselves. If this jogs your memory and you want to know more, the article is here. The reason they performed this daily ritual, even in extreme toe numbing temperatures, was […]

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