Together we can get through this

Hello and welcome to Health in Synergy!

My name is Caroline Mentzer. I’m a Nutritional Therapist and Medical Herbalist specialising in family health and wellbeing. My husband, Alex Mentzer, is an Infectious Disease Doctor and Researcher, and yes, his focus right now is the coronavirus. Please read his diary of a doctor on the front line here.

We live with our two children in Oxford, UK. More about us here.

Together, for over a decade now, we’ve been creating a philosophy where we draw on the strengths and wisdom of both conventional and holistic medicine to find the most suitable solution to any health challenge.

Now with the current pandemic, there is no better time to embrace this philosophy.

By pooling together the knowledge and expertise of the people, we can support each other through this difficult time. By utilising the many different resources in the community, we help lighten the burden on the NHS and allow our incredible medical staff to get on and do their job of saving lives.

I’ll be posting healthy recipes and home remedies to help support the immune system, fight illness and improve other common but minor health conditions. There will be a day-to-day diary of Alex’s work and research at the John Radcliffe Hospital, Oxford.

The rest of the content will be down to YOU, our valued community.

Have you got a tip for keeping the kids occupied at home? A cheap and easy larder cupboard recipe? Maybe you’ve got an old family remedy for a cold or cough? Perhaps you’re forming a neighbourhood watch that goes out into community to help those in need? Or maybe you can provide something to make us smile? We’re going to need it!

Please get in touch!

Our combined knowledge is extremely powerful, and it brings with it a message of HOPE!

We’re walking into the unknown, but we’re not alone.

When we respect everyone’s unique contribution and embrace their knowledge, wisdom and experience, we can create a team that forms something far more significant than when we’re on our own.

It’s true synergy!


Caroline & Alex Mentzer