Healthy kids. Happy Family.

Health in Synergy is a resource that inspires parents to improve their family’s health and wellbeing.

It helps parents navigate the confusion between natural & modern medicine by demonstrating how different approaches can work together, in synergy, to successfully overcome illness and achieve better family health.

In essence, it’s where science joins forces with nature to create something powerfully healing.

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What does a Doctor and Natural Therapist keep in their family first aid box?

This FREE First Aid Remedy Guide demonstrates the ‘go-to’ natural and modern remedies and medications we personally use when our children get sick. You’ll learn….

The vitamins and herbal remedies we use to fight a cough, cold or other viral infections……How we support a child with a tummy bug…….Aromatherapy for many common ailments……..Topical applications for bee stings, chicken pox, cuts and bruises……..What we do when our children are anxious, have bad dreams or can’t sleep……..Our essential medicines and their specific applications…….plus so much more.

What We Do

General Health

Being healthy is about more than diet and exercise.  It is also about understanding how your body works and what it needs to stay healthy.  Here we blog about all aspect of family health and wellbeing.

Topics A-Z

Sometimes children get sick. Here we discuss the most common childhood illnesses and health conditions, and how you can treat them by combining natural with modern medicine in our synergistic approach.


We’re your typical family with a variety of tastes to suit. Here’s what we feed our family day to day, including our favourite recipes for breakfast, dinner, sweet treats and snacks.


Have you got a minor ailment, like a cough, runny nose or suffering a bout of constipation? Here’s some useful, safe and easy natural home remedies to make up when you need them.

Why You’ll Love Our Approach to Health

We believe that there has never been a better time to embrace a synergistic approach to healthcare. When natural and modern medicine work together, it’s easier to achieve better family health.

Whether it’s a minor complaint such as a cold, cough or tummy bug, or a more chronic health conditions such as IBS, insomnia or a skin condition, there are safe and simple ways that natural medicine can support conventional approaches to help your family feel better than ever.

Rating: 5 out of 5.

“Easy to follow”

Caroline’s advice was easy to follow and made complete sense. The recipes are delicious and fun to cook with my children. My family are now eating better, feeling healthier and fitter.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“I feel much more confident”

I was so confused by all the conflicting advice out there, and didn’t know which way to turn to improve my son’s allergies. Now I feel much more confident in my choices.


Rating: 5 out of 5.

“More empowered”

I like to call myself a hippy mum but then always felt bad when I had to give medication to my children. Now I’m clearer on what to use and when, I no longer feel guilty, and my children are healthier and happier.