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7 Ways We Can All Help End This Pandemic

And it’s not just about staying and home and washing your hands. Over the past 11 months, my husband Alex, an Infectious Disease Doctor in Oxford UK, has been working on the frontline and involved in the ongoing research for the vaccine. Read our Diary of a Doctor here. As a Nutritional Therapist, caring for […]

The Medicinal Magic of Aloe on Skin

BEFORE AND AFTER PICTURES REVEALED… We’ve all heard of Aloe vera. But have many of us actually experienced the pure magic that a real live Aloe plant gives, gives and keeps on giving? The (I would say) Magic Medicinal properties of Aloe have been known for centuries. The earliest record of human use of Aloe vera comes […]

Have You Been Fooled by The Dairy Industry?

Here in the UK as well as many other Western countries, a glass of milk is considered healthy, wholesome, and necessary for bone health. Adverts have portrayed gorgeous models sporting a white milk moustache. Petit Filous depict beautiful French children winning at ‘marbles’ as fromage frais gives them ‘strong bones’. Even Cadbury’s Dairy Milk touted […]

The Ultimate Eczema Guide

As a Therapist specialising in kids with allergies, eczema is one of the most bothersome complaints I see. And as mum of child that suffered with eczema, I am very aware of the agony it causes. From a mild slightly annoying tickle to an entire body being affected, covered it bright red excruciatingly dry itchy […]

Garlic for Ear Infections

As I discussed in this recent post on Ear Infections – Prevent and Treat Ear Infections Naturally, ear infections are extremely common in children. 3 out of 4 children will suffer at least one before their third birthday. They are the most prevalent complaint that lands children at the doctor’s surgery, and the most common […]

Crustless Spinach Quiche

I love fresh spinach, but somehow my children just don’t. I wish they did, because its nutrient content is so high that it’s a mineral power house, containing lots of lovely magnesium, calcium and zinc. Couple it with a squidge of lemon or a small glass of orange juice and you also get access to […]

Prevent and Treat Ear Infections Naturally

Ear infections are extremely common in children. In fact, 3 out of 4 will suffer from at least one ear infection by their third birthday. It’s the most prevalent complaint that lands children at the doctor’s surgery, and the most common reason for prescribed antibiotics. Yet the NHS website states that the routine use of antibiotics […]

Benefits of Colloidal Silver

Colloidal silver is a traditional remedy that has been used successfully for centuries to treat a variety of ailments, including flu, skin rashes, MRSA, sinus infections and wounds. It was widely used in hospitals before antibiotics were invented. My husband Dr Alex tells me it’s still being used in bandage wounds today. Colloidal silver is […]

Banana Flapjacks

This is the simplest recipe I’ve made yet. It’s wholesome and satisfying and has zero refined sugar. Plus it’s an excellent way to use up brown overripe bananas, and porridge oats are super cheap! The slow releasing carbohydrates are great for keeping children satisfied until supper time. They also make a fantastic grab and go […]

Healthy Weekend Brunch

In a bid to banish the Beige and get more colour in our diet (more on why that’s important here), we’ve been experimenting with using different vegetables, instead of bread or toast, as a base for our weekend brunch. Here’s our top pick. A very seasonal butternut squash! Simply……. Heat the oven to 180C. Cut […]

Lime and Coriander Coleslaw

There’s something very appealing about this colourful coleslaw. It’s versatility means it compliment most main dishes. We had it the other day with pulled pork and brown rice, and it went down a treat. It would make a great addition to a BBQ, and is delicious with halloumi kebabs. Spice it up with some chilli […]

5 Easy Ways to Better Gut Health

Our digestive tract (gut) is home to a wide range of tiny living microbes. In fact, there are over 500 species living there, made up from bacteria, virus, fungi and other such organisms. Imagine a vibrant lake with an abundance of different species cohabitating in harmony and functioning in synergy with each other and their […]


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