Our Story

My husband Alex and I met 26 years ago. We were just teenagers but very quickly became good friends.

Caroline & Alex Mentzer

Alex had always dreamed of becoming a doctor. After completing degrees in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine, and supporting his education waiting tables at weekends, he was finally accepted on a Medical degree at University College London.

I, on the other hand, was set to study music, but due to numerous minor but unresolved health complaints had started reading books on nutrition and experimenting with diet to improve my health.

On completing my degree, I decided that Nutrition was more than just a hobby, it was a calling.

But with no formal science background I had to go to night school and take more exams in order to get accepted onto a course at the Institute of Optimum Nutrition in London.

We studied along-side each other for many years. At weekends, the library was our hangout. As a result, health care became our favourite topic of conversation. We would while away many hours passionately discussing the strengths and limitations of conventional and holistic medicine. In doing so we merged our ideas together and without knowing it began to form our own unique philosophy.

Once we qualified, Alex embarked on the gruelling schedule of a Junior Hospital Doctor and I began work at a health clinic that specialised in finding natural solutions for common childhood complaints.

 Alex saw my dedication and enthusiasm for helping parents and children overcome various health conditions through practical suggestions, simple diet advice and gentle herbal remedies. I witnessed his strong work ethic, never ending energy and commitment to help people recover from often life threateningly serious illnesses through the use of pharmaceutical medications.

Along the way, we formed a mutual respect for each other and compassion towards each profession. With a common goal – a desire to help people improve their health, it was easy to agree rather than feel opposed to each other.

Starting a family

Then along came our daughter. It was an extremely challenging time for us, as it is for any couple adjusting to the new journey of parenthood. But, especially so, because Alex worked long hours on top of commuting far from home, I was setting up a business and our daughter simply would not sleep.

Through all the struggles and sleepless nights, it turned out that our daughter was the best training any parent could wish for.

We learnt so much about ourselves and our capacity for love and compassion, and during this time we forged our own style of parenting; one where we listened to each other, weighed up all the available options, and used our combined knowledge, intuition and common sense to decide what felt right for our family.

By bringing together the best of natural and modern medicine, which are two seemingly opposing sides, we created something that was unified and harmonious. 

It became a truly synergistic approach to health and parenting.

Putting Health in Synergy into action.

As time passed by, I began to apply our philosophy to my clinical practice to help mums and dads overcome their own challenging family situations.

I found that a large part of my job was to demonstrate how conventional and holistic medicine could be combined to complement each other and create unique strategies for healing.

I did this by showing how I was willing to refer to and work alongside other medical professionals in order to get the best results for my patients.

I found that health professions (both natural and modern) welcomed working in this synergistic way, and in doing so parents got a much more well-rounded approach to health care, unified towards to the same goal, yet tailored to their particular needs.

Not only that, everyone felt supported rather than confused by seemingly conflicting advice. And that’s when the magic happened; parents’ confidence grew, and they began to trust their intuition and instinctively know what was right for their family.

The outcome was that children became healthier, happier and easy to care for, and those that had struggled were now enjoying their parenting journey.

Even more excitingly, the results lasted because the whole family felt empowered to choose their own path to better health and wellbeing.  

When our second child came along….

…….he reinforced our parenting philosophy. He was a completely different baby, and even though he was more easy-going it was like a whole new set of rules applied to him.

Once again, we turned to our synergistic approach to find combined solutions at every stage of the way.

We never disagreed, we just did what felt right for us and our child, and it worked; our family grew fitter, stronger and more connected than ever, and it inspired me to start this blog.

Health in Synergy in a nutshell

Synergy is a state in which two or more things work together in a particularly fruitful way that produces an effect greater than the sum of their individual elements.

Expressed also as “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”

We believe in the importance of scientific research and the appropriate use of pharmaceutical medications. We also believe in the safety and effectiveness of many natural therapies. In fact, we believe in a dual system of medical care where both approaches and professionals work together and support each other in harmony.

Therefore, Health in Synergy is about drawing on the strengths and wisdom of both natural and modern medicine to find the most suitable and unique solutions to any family health and parenting challenge.

‘My medical training has taught me how to keep my family alive, but my wife, as a Nutritional Therapist preparing our meals, is the one who keeps us healthy’.

Dr. Alex Mentzer

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