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Hello, my name is Caroline Mentzer and I am a Nutritionist, Herbalist, Writer & Mum living in Oxford, UK.

My passion for healthy eating began when I was very young. At the age of 11 I was considered clinically obese and suffered with many, then, unexplainable health issues.

Teased at school for being fat I was given the usual diet advice to eat low calorie and low fat ‘diet foods’. But eating this way only contributed to my misery and hunger. The dissatisfaction with food that followed led me to binge eat on the wrong foods which only compounded the problem.

As I neared my 20’s I had begun to do my own research into what constituted a truly healthy diet. I experimented on myself and was encouraged by the results. This furthered my passion for nutrition and healthy living and I enrolled on a course in Nutritional Therapy.

Three years later I qualified as a Nutritional Therapist from the Institute for Optimum Nutrition, one of the most respected health information resources of its kind the UK, and subsequently went on to complete a BSc (Hons) in Western Herbal Medicine at University of Westminster where I was awarded a 1st class degree.

Over the last 16 years I’ve worked at The London Allergy and Pain clinic which appeared on BBC News and Channel 4’s Richard & Judy. I was a Nutritional Advisor at Oliver’s Wholefoods in Kew. I’ve run my own natural family health clinic. Given talks on aspects of holistic parenting. Written articles for national newspapers and magazines, and featured regularly on local BBC Radio.

The audio clip below is me talking to Kat Orman at BBC Radio Oxford about life as a frontline line family during the Covid pandemic.

My former blog – won a Brit Mums Brilliance in Blogging Award in 2014.

My Philosophy

I’m passionate about an integrated health care society where Holistic Therapists support the ever growing burden on the NHS. I believe the only way we can save our public healthcare system is to start with the basics and put preventative measures in place.

With this in mind….


I run workshops in local schools teaching children the simple power of good nutrition and gentle herbal remedies in keeping you healthy.

It’s my belief that good health starts in infancy. If you grow up learning to cook healthy meals and using common garden plants to treat minor health conditions, then you stay in touch with yourself and nature.

Children are like sponges, their hungry ears sap up knowledge. Their minds are free to ask the most interesting and insightful questions. It’s always a pleasure to see their inspired faces as I teach them to make their own cough syrup, compress a medicinal bandage for an ouchy or concoct a scratchy throat tea from garden leaves.

It’s magic potion making at its best!


I love researching and writing about anything to do with science and holistic health.

Since becoming a mum ten years ago, I’ve naturally developed a keen interest in all aspects of family health and parenting.

I like to be given challenges to write about.

For example in the article below I aimed to feed the family local produce for one month on a tight budget of £100. Fortunately it was the Summer and we did a lot of foraging! Think nettle pesto and blackberry and apple crumble.

Click on the picture to read the full article.


I’m also writing a series of books that demonstrate the importance of an Integrated Health Care System.

Being married to a Doctor, I’m a firm believer that different healthcare specialists (both conventional and holistic) can work together using their knowledge, wisdom and experience in synergy to provide the best level of care for their patients.

I worked in this way in clinical practice for many years, and certainly saw encouraging results.

The Health in Synergy series begins with a Mother and Baby book which covers all aspects of parenting from birth to age 1.

It includes chapters on healing from birth, crying, feeding, sleep and illness (to name a few), and shows how different health approaches and professionals may assist parents in overcoming a variety of challenges in that first year.

It also considers the wide variety of parenting traditions around the world alongside current scientific research and offers reflections on our personal parenting journey plus over 50 case studies.

If you are interested in learning more about any of the above, or would like to work with me, please contact me –

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