Diary of a Doctor – Should You Trust Antibody Tests?

Dr. Alex got his antibody test result this week. To our surprise it was negative. This is after seeing infected patients every day since lockdown, walking around a hospital without adequate PPE, and having symptoms. How can this be? Read more…

Is This One Huge Science Experiment?

If you, me and every living thing in the universe were actually just pawns in some giant scientific experiment, we would not necessarily know right now. Is this simply someone toying with our existence? Testing the waters. Putting a spanner in our works to see how well we’ll cope. Will we sink or float? The scary thing is that, Covid-conspiracy-theories aside, this argument is also a genuine scientific hypothesis and the subject of serious academic debate…..

Is it Safe to Cuddle Our Children?

Alex came home from work at the hospital on Friday night feeling achy and clammy. Our immediate worry was that he’d caught coronavirus. Deep down we knew it would be inevitable at some stage. He surely couldn’t go three months working directly with covid-19 patients every single day without catching it himself, could he? EvenContinue reading “Is it Safe to Cuddle Our Children?”