Front-line Immune Support needs your help

As research begins to get published in the conventional medicine world (please see my husband’s diary of a doctor).

Theories in the holistic and complementary medicine world also starts to unfold.

And for the first time in history (I can’t believe I’m witnessing this in my lifetime), the two previously considered opposing sides, are working together for the greater good.

Drugs trials are well underway. The vaccine team are up and running and taking volunteers. Other important studies are being undertaken to try and understand this BEAST in order to prevent more devastation should there be a ‘next time’.

Whilst this is all going on in our hospitals, complementary therapies are also doing their bit to support those at home.

Sales of vitamin supplements have soared, as everyone focuses on keeping their mind, body and spirit healthy with good food, plenty of sleep, exercise and conscious ways to help reduce anxiety.

It’s health in synergy at its best…. and it gets even better….

Frontline Immune System Support Team

Many of you may not know, but complementary therapies are also aiding those fighting on the Front-line. Research is taking place and specialised vitamins and herbs are being offered to support these workers.

It has now become well recognised that whilst drug treatments may be able to keep an extremely sick person from dying, they can’t and don’t build resilience.

In other words, they won’t make a weak body strong.

What is resilience?

Resilience is the ability to withstand sometime, and recovery quickly.

That something right now isn’t only limited to coronavirus.

Front-line workers need to be strong enough to do their job to the max, operating under more pressure than they’ve ever had before.

Front-line workers are often working for over ten days in a row without any respite.

Front-line workers are working at an extreme pace for an unknown period of time.

Our front-line workers not only need to stay strong, healthy, and resilience to withstand the physical pressures of work, they need to be able to cope with the emotional devastation and heartache that they are witnessing on a daily basis.

They need to stay strong so that they can be there for those who are extremely sick and dying in hospital. But they also need to stay well for their families at home too.

Families like us (myself and our two children) who could be exposed to coronavirus every day my husband Alex works in the hospital.

These front-line workers are HOLDING EVERYTHING TOGETHER for us all.

So, who is helping to hold them together?

The Front-line Immune System Support Team

The Front-line Immune Support Team was founded to make available some of the best quality immune supportive supplements on the market to help keep those on the frontline resilient and strong.

Lyposomal Vitamin C

Supplements like this Lyposomal Vitamin C my husband received yesterday.

There’s a growing body of research on vitamin C and its supportive effects on the immune system and various respiratory conditions (good summary here).

Research shows that oral administration of vitamin C is also an effective support for the immune system during times of stress.

Lyposomal Vitamin C allows for a more potent delivery by protecting against gastric juices and facilitating absorption by cells. It is believed that liposomal C is comparable in effectiveness to an IV infusion.

There are currently three clinical trials in China, one one in the USA using IV vitamin C to support treatment of COVID-19 and preliminarily results are encouraging (reference).

As an NHS Medical Consultant on the frontline, there is nothing more important than building your own immunity, resistance and resilience. This is why I am 100% supportive of the online fundraiser by the frontline immune support team to raise money to buy the vital immune defence support and send them directly to the NHS workers. The products are of top quality and are exactly what are body and mind needs everyday to fight this war against COVID! Please help by donating and supporting this cause.

Dr. J Kwan

Two worlds become one

Lyposomal Vitamin C has been shown to have the benefit of no side effects. So, at a time when a coronavirus cure is unknown, we need to join together to give our Front-line team the best support out there.

Immune support packs are sent directly to each individual healthcare worker who signs up for this initiative – and they receive all the products for FREE.

There are currently thousands of frontline staff already signed up and ready to go.

With your contributions they can supply and reach so many more.

Now is the time they need it more than ever – because this is a marathon run not a sprint.



Together we can get through this. Stay well.

Published by carolinementzer

Caroline Mentzer is a Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Writer from Oxford, UK. Married to and Infectious Disease doctor, her blog discusses the benefits of combining holistic and conventional approaches to find unique solutions to many health and parenting challenges.

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