Making Easter Special during Lock-down

When my husband (see his diary of a doctor on the front line) announced to me that Easter was cancelled this year, this not only made me mad, it also made me more determined to make it the best Easter ever!

I don’t know about you but being stuck at home has made me appreciate the smaller things in life and stimulated my creativity. There are certainly a few lessons I’ll take from this experience when it’s all finally over.

Easter in previous years may have involved painting eggs, a treasure hunt, a roast dinner and plenty of chocolate. Now my mind is busy concocting other creative plans. And judging by many of the discussions on Facebook and various WhatsApp groups, so are you.

So, here’s a roundup of the best ideas I’ve heard so far. Please add some more at the bottom in the comments section.

Home Easter celebration

Easter Staycation

Garden camping trips – sleep out in a tent for the night (it’s meant to be warm)

Whilst you won’t ever see me on a camping trip. I could be tempted by a garden sleepover. After all, the bathroom, fridge and extra blankets are very nearby. Why not go the whole hog and dig a fire pit and toast some s ’mores and stick bread?

Always ahead of the crowd, Valerie nails this stay-cation idea. Thank you for the picture of your family’s sterling efforts.  

Put on a show

This could be in the form of storytelling or get the kids to put on a show. If they’re too little to perform, then you could create an Easter scene using playmobile or Lego (kind of like a nativity).

Or watch a show 

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been your PJ’s all week, putting the occasional tracksuit on to exercise. Well now there’s an excuse to get dressed up. Andrew Lloyd Webber is streaming the musical Jesus Christ Super Star on Friday. Why not have some ice-cream in the interval? Here’s the link. Thanks to Kay and family for this fab suggestion.

Get crafty

Easter bonnet or basket making competitions always go down well at this time of year! (Picture courtesy of Charles and Stephanie).

Get the kids to create a treasure hunt with clues, riddles and chocolate.

My daughter’s suggestion: make friendship bracelets for family and friends so show how much you’re thinking of them. Ahhhh.

Paint faces on boiled eggs and race them down a slope or stairs (this picture is last year – my parents are in self-isolation).

Get cooking

Prepare an Easter tea picnic using the posh china some hot chocolate, finger sandwiches, mini Easter cakes etc.

Make homemade pizza with toppings of your choice, or get the BBQ going, it’s meant to be warm. Do you think it’ll be nice enough to get the sprinkler out?

When our four-year-old son questioned the other day, ‘when the germs are gone, can we go to the pub?’  I decided I was going to bring the pub to our house instead.

My daughter is designing a menu and writing it out in her best handwriting. We’re going to have mocktails, crisps, nuts and olives to start. Followed by a very simple menu (freezer food mainly), burger, fish fingers or sausage and chips. Salad, beans and coleslaw. Finished off with a crumble and ice cream. There will obviously be some wine involved.

Our daughter will be the waitress, taking the orders in advance and I’ll cook the food. Then we’re going to play random board games that have been stuck at the back of the cupboard for years and we’ve forgotten about, like Game of Life, Ludo, Uno and Shut the Box.

I think I may have tempted Alex to come home early on Friday.

If you can’t be bothered to cook, then order a takeaway to support your favourite local restaurant.

Easter is most definitely NOT cancelled this year. Have you got a fabulous idea? Please share it with us.

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Caroline Mentzer is a Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Writer from Oxford, UK. Married to and Infectious Disease doctor, her blog discusses the benefits of combining holistic and conventional approaches to find unique solutions to many health and parenting challenges.

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