What’s Your Quarentini?

With pubs, bars, clubs and restaurants closed due to the new UK lock-down restrictions, we’re immobilised from any kind of in-person socialisation.

Following this our supermarkets are selling out of alcohol as we commiserate our prisoner status.

At this point the leftover Christmas port starts to seem attractive. I’m sure if I look hard enough there will be something else interesting lurking at the back of the drink’s cupboard.

Last week Twitter was a buzz with people sharing their Quarentini recipes. A quarentini is a clever play on words that describes a cocktail made from any random ingredients you already have at home. Someone even made a gin martini using Emergen – C 1000mg vitamin C powder!

The debate is still out over whether booze should be drunk when there’s a nasty virus around. We know that excessive alcohol can suppress the immune system because it lowers white blood cell count and reduces the flow of blood to vital organs. But at this challenging time, we may also need something to calm our nerves and fill the boredom of being home bound.

As with anything, it’s all about balance. A glass or two of red wine, containing antioxidants, such as quercetin (also found in my onion cough syrup) and resveratrol may, as some studies have shown, play a role in a healthy diet helping prevent heart disease and stroke.

One could also argue that we need something to look forward to after a whole week of home schooling. Teacher’s you are legends by the way.

Or if, like my husband (see diary of a doctor), you’ve been working in a hospital on the front line.

With this in mind, I was happy to see the sign – Tougher times call for more wine – as I drove along the Botley Road.

The Oxford Wine Company in Standlake and Botley Road have taken the decision to re-open after off-licences were added to the list of essential retailers. Reported the BBC on 25th March.

There website states that they’ve chosen these two shops as they are extremely spacious, to make it easier to maintain the two metres social distancing guidelines.

Though, they have a few strict rules; They ask for customers to only come to stores if their household is free from covid-19 symptoms, and to pay by card not cash. They will provide hand sanitiser and sinks to wash hands.

They are also still operating a delivery service, so please order online or over the phone.

Perhaps I won’t have to drink that Tequila I found in the cupboard after all.

It feels good to support a local business in these uncertain times and get our hands on some decent wine.

Have you created a tasty Quarentini? Have you got a local business you’re keen to support? Please let me know, so we can share the info here.

Together we can get through this. Stay well.

Published by carolinementzer

Caroline Mentzer is a Nutritional Therapist, Herbalist and Writer from Oxford, UK. Married to and Infectious Disease doctor, her blog discusses the benefits of combining holistic and conventional approaches to find unique solutions to many health and parenting challenges.

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